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We believe that all our employees should be able to grow in a way that’s right for them. Learning is a life-long journey at Mondelēz International.

We’ll give you the freedom to create your own future, and provide you with the inspiration, tools, support and opportunities to make things happen for yourself.

Meet our joy makers

We’re a great team at Mondelēz International, full of brilliant characters and personalities. People who bring different skills, ideas and experiences to the mix. Read their stories to find out why they love their jobs and how we’ve helped them to grow.

Laura Kelly

Customer Category Development Manager, UK

I’ve changed jobs within Mondelēz International every couple of years and each move has added to my skillset

A woman for all seasons

As Customer Category Development Manager in our seasonal business, I work on the Tesco account. Essentially, it’s about identifying opportunities to boost confectionery sales both for Tesco and for us, in addition to working with the seasonal cross-functional team to shape the future strategy of the business. Naturally, Christmas looms large in my role –imagine how many boxes of Cadbury Selection Packs and Advent Calendars fly off the shelves in December – and planning for the festive period starts months in advance. But then there’s Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thank Your Teacher… I’ve only been in my role for three months, so these challenges are yet to come.

From petrol stations to railway stations

I started working with the Cadbury brand as a Customer Marketing Manager in the Impulse sector, before moving onto the high street to work on accounts such as Boots and WHSmith, large retail chains in the UK. I’ve since been National Account Manager in the forecourt sector, Senior National Account Manager focusing on WHSmith’s high street, railway stations and airports businesses, and Customer Development Manager for the Spar account. I’ve always been curious about different retail categories and shopping habits. For example, first and foremost people go to a petrol station to buy petrol, not confectionery, and I’ve learned so much about tapping into different shopping mindsets.

New roles, new skills

I’ve changed jobs within Mondelēz International every couple of years and each move has added to my skillset, whether that’s forging customer relationships, building my commercial acumen or developing my negotiating skills. In my first role within the cash & carry sector, I learned a lot about business planning. When I moved to the high street, I created and co-led our Olympic marketing strategy for key customers. Moving to the forecourts channel allowed me to develop frontline sales skills. And as Senior National Account Manager, I had my first experience of managing people.

It's who you know

The opportunities at Mondelēz International are virtually endless. There’s always something coming up at a local or international level and you can move across categories and functions. But it’s important to build a network of people who can give you mentoring, support and advice. ‘Campus’ was a great networking event for me. Campus is our week of learning, leadership, networking and celebration, bringing together colleagues from different countries, categories and functions to provide a variety of learning opportunities and formats. From intimate discussion groups to large speaker sessions, from 1:1 coaching conversations to immersive learning sessions – you’ll find it all at Campus! I joined people from across the business in Barcelona for a week, and speaking to them really opened my eyes to what development was possible. Our Growing Here Weeks, a yearly event focusing on learning and development, also provide an opportunity to connect with others and think about your career path.

Personal secrets

Working in the seasonal team, I should say that Mini Eggs are my favorite Mondelēz International product – but my guilty pleasure is white Toblerone. A bar doesn’t last long, believe me, and I keep a balanced lifestyle through my passion for running. A few years ago I ran a marathon dressed as a fairy, wearing a tiara and carrying a wand. I completed it in 3 hours 47 minutes with my tiara and wand still in situ, so maybe I missed my vocation, although I do love selling confectionary.

Flora Schmitlin

Senior Brand Manager – Harmony, Western Europe

Working at a large company like Mondelēz International means being able to make a positive impact on the world.

Jumping on Board

I joined the company 8 years ago because of my love for the LU brand and its biscuit specialty. Like most French people, I grew up with LU and I really wanted to work in a company that made quality products I loved and consumed.

I also wanted to develop my skills in sales (I started in the sales force) and I knew working for Mondelēz International would give me some of the best training I could get in this field.

Bringing Harmony to Biscuits

I’m in charge of the Harmony program in France, the Mondelēz International sustainability program for wheat production in Europe. I define my job in two ways:

  • DO: I work on the technical and agronomical parts of the program by involving external and internal experts (NGOs, agronomists, wheat production chain players…) to produce wheat in a more sustainable way and keep our charter evolving.
  • TELL: Communication of the program to key opinion leaders through conferences, interviews and specialized press coverage, and to consumers via advertisements and in-store operations.

Working for Change

The best thing is the feeling that my job is meaningful, useful for my company and incredibly important for the future of our planet. With the Harmony Charter, we are working to reduce the use of harmful crop treatments by our partnering farmers. This has a tangible impact on carbon emission, the preservation of water quality and the protection of local biodiversity.

Working in these functions at a large company like Mondelēz International means being able to make a positive impact on the world.

The Love of LU

Petit Ecolier de LU, the simplest and most iconic LU biscuit “Véritable Petit Beurre” on which you add a delicious slice of chocolate. It is my favorite biscuit since I was a child!

Lucina Fukino

Senior R&D Group Leader, Latin America

The ‘Being at My Best’ personal resourcefulness training has proved to be invaluable to my growth

From generalist to specialist

I started with Mondelēz International in 2001 working in Chocolate, then moved to Biscuits. Backed by mentoring and formal learning including Mondelēz International University courses, my journey here has been one from generalist – taking in Quality, Production, Business Development and Engineering – to a specialist role in Research, Development & Quality. I design the process for our biscuit products. How we prepare the dough and form it to fit the project specification, how the biscuit is baked and in which type of oven to give it the right moisture is down to me and my team.

Swedish assignment

As part of a programme to give people more development opportunities, I went on assignment to Sweden for six months. This certainly moved me out of my comfort zone – I worked in coffee production, something I knew nothing about! They gave me a project to work on: ‘here’s what you’ll be doing over the next six months and here’s your manager if you need support’. It was a challenge but a fantastic experience which opened my mind to new ways of working which I took into my next role in Business Development.

‘Being at My Best’

The ‘Being at My Best’ personal resourcefulness training has proved to be invaluable to my development as I have moved into a leadership role. The first module was a one-to-one session related to thinking about my behavior, knowing myself and what my limits are. The other was about empowerment, looking at the resources and tools I need to manage my daily workload. It’s made me much more aware of the way I do things and improved skills such as time management – so important when we’re busy.

Taking control

I’ve had the final say in every move I’ve made within Mondelēz International. And it’s great that every decision has been an informed one. My mentor, managers and HR have been brilliant sharing their time to discuss opportunities and offer me career advice. If something grabs my attention, I bombard people with questions. And if a new role comes up that might be of interest, you always hear about it, thanks to our global open posting policy.

Personal secrets

On my way to high school, there was a bakery and I loved the smell of the biscuits. Strangely, there was also a bakery on my way to college. And what have I been doing for the last 16 years? Working in a bakery – I never tire of the smell of biscuits! “I’m really proud to be part of the team behind our products. If I had to pick two favourite brands from our worldwide portfolio it would be our Triscuits snacks and Milka chocobakery products. Delicious!

Sandra Dal Maso

Associate Director AMEA and Global Brand Lead

From a career perspective, the diversity of Mondelēz International and its brands has been incredible

Job hopper

I’ve spent 27 years in RDQ in Melbourne. But forget about ‘staying put’, I’ve had a new job every couple of years. I started in Packaging and moved through various technologist roles to become Senior Group Leader. After a spell in Product, it was on to Planning and then Productivity and then back to Product. In 2014, I became lead for RDQ Meals in Australia; a year later, regional lead for the category in Asia Pacific. This year, Meals became a global category and we formed the AMEA region (Asia Middle East and Africa), which is why I now wear two hats.

Real diversity

From a career perspective, the diversity of Mondelēz International and its brands has been incredible. I’ve moved from Grocery to Dairy to Beverages. I’ve worked on Philadelphia cream cheese, processed cheese, Vegemite, peanut butter and salad dressing. As a team contributor, manager and most recently a leader, I’ve not only had to get used to new categories, but new technology – there’s a huge range of technology we use to manufacture our products. But it’s all provided me with a great opportunity to grow and develop.”

Perpetual learning

We’re big on learning and development in RDQ. There are programmes across all the technical functions, and a good mix of formal and informal coaching. We have a great Global forum called MTLA (Mondelez Technical and Leadership Academy), I have sent a number of my team to this forum. It is a great experience for RDQ members to learn about our company, our products and build their personal skills. I’ve been on the Leadership for Performance programme to help me make the transition from manager to leader. But learning is also about the people you meet – you can share experiences with colleagues, and friends, across the globe and my managers have always helped me tap into people who could support me on my career journey.

Power brands

We can be proud of our brand. I don’t work for an energy company whose product you can’t see. I work for a food company, giving people delicious things to eat. When I tell people I make Vegemite, for example, you can see the interest in their eyes. “I totally believe in our products. I know they’re safe. I know we only use the best ingredients to give the best taste. And when I see them in a supermarket, I know I’ve done a good job.

Personal secrets

I say I wear two hats; that should really be three. I juggle work with being a mum of three. Being the scientific sort, I had each of my kids two years apart, and on each occasion I’ve returned from maternity leave there’s been a new, exciting role for me, whether full or part time. “If there’s one thing I’ll put on the table as a treat for my children, it’s our peanut butter. Perhaps not the best known of our products but I absolutely adore it!

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