Flora Schmitlin

Senior Brand Manager – Harmony, Western Europe

Jumping on Board

I joined the company 8 years ago because of my love for the LU brand and its biscuit specialty. Like most French people, I grew up with LU and I really wanted to work in a company that made quality products I loved and consumed.

I also wanted to develop my skills in sales (I started in the sales force) and I knew working for Mondelēz International would give me some of the best training I could get in this field.

Bringing Harmony to Biscuits

I’m in charge of the Harmony program in France, the Mondelēz International sustainability program for wheat production in Europe. I define my job in two ways:

  • DO: I work on the technical and agronomical parts of the program by involving external and internal experts (NGOs, agronomists, wheat production chain players…) to produce wheat in a more sustainable way and keep our charter evolving.
  • TELL: Communication of the program to key opinion leaders through conferences, interviews and specialized press coverage, and to consumers via advertisements and in-store operations.

Working for Change

The best thing is the feeling that my job is meaningful, useful for my company and incredibly important for the future of our planet. With the Harmony Charter, we are working to reduce the use of harmful crop treatments by our partnering farmers. This has a tangible impact on carbon emission, the preservation of water quality and the protection of local biodiversity.

Working in these functions at a large company like Mondelēz International means being able to make a positive impact on the world.

The Love of LU

Petit Ecolier de LU, the simplest and most iconic LU biscuit “Véritable Petit Beurre” on which you add a delicious slice of chocolate. It is my favorite biscuit since I was a child!